I'm a real-food enthusiast. A dreamer. I love supporting local and championing the pioneers of Evansville. I've had the heart of an entrepreneur since a little girl. And some dreams never fade.


Some fun facts about me: When I am not working my full-time job as a travel consultant or running this business, I am traveling! I am a quality snob when it comes good eats. I am a big foodie and love quality and freshness which is why I grow my own food. I am a big advocate for body positivity. I have lavish dreams of owning a bed and breakfast while providing some of the best produce in the area.


Why wellness? My journey in learning about healthful eating and living is a fairly new one, maybe 10 years. I love helping people and it is my passion to share my knowledge with you as I learn. I love to cook and you'll see lots of food-related posts on my Instagram. I also brew my own Kombucha tea at home and can teach you. I have enjoyed delving in the world of fermentations for probiotic health. I even love making sourdough bread. I have a starter that dates back to an 1800s Alaskan logging camp. How neat is that?

I love hand crafting and personalizing items such as beauty products that are all natural or organic. I am also very passionate about natural food. I love to share recipes, friendship, and most importantly community. I love growing my own garden, crafting in the kitchen new recipes, and am a nerd when it comes to researching all things natural. Quality is right up my alley. That is the beauty in always learning and growing.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me and I will do my very best to help you with any of the products I offer. Let's make the world a little bit of a kinder place, what do you say?

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My name is Shannon...