3 Tips for a Flawless Bath Ritual

Sometimes you need a reset or a reminder of all the good in your life. Sometimes you need an opportunity to let the stress of the day melt. What better way to do that than taking a wonderful soak t...
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I'm deserving because I'm deserving

Let me be totally fucking honest.. Not every day is great. So many days, I let one little thing knock the wind out of my sails and I get down and out. Depressed. Anxious. Fearing if I will make it....
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I'm guilty...

Some days I take time for inner reflection and realize that I only have so much to give and I want to give to myself with that energy instead. It is important that I honor my boundaries and only gi...
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Holy Sh*t, Batgirl! We made it to 2022.

(Wearing 'Yours Truly') So many of us walked into 2022 totally unaware of the upcoming challenges. Let's face it, today we all stand in 2022 a totally different person. If we didn't want to g...
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