3 Tips for a Flawless Bath Ritual

Sometimes you need a reset or a reminder of all the good in your life. Sometimes you need an opportunity to let the stress of the day melt. What better way to do that than taking a wonderful soak to ease the tension of the day.

1. Set the ambiance/mood.

If you're a candle person, get the vibe right. Grab your favorite book. I love the short poetry from Rupi Kaur. Try our her book Milk & Honey or enjoy the encouraging short podcasts from Sadhguru. They're so grounding and a great way to shift your perspective. After you get the bath temperature just right, add a few scoops of our luxury bath soak or salts, infused with real botanicals and essential oils for a full aromatic immersion.

2. Set boundaries.

Put your phone on silent. You deserve uninterrupted peace and mental clearing. If you have a partner, let them know that you need 30 minutes to yourself. If you have kids, see if they will watch them for you so you can have this moment for you. It's important.

3. Meditate/listen to music.

Either quietly or aloud remind yourself that you welcome change. Tell yourself you're beautiful. Hug yourself (yes, it's a thing). Embrace the quiet time to drain all the pain or negative emotions from the day. The Positivity Playlist gets new music added to it all the time if you need all the good vibes.

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