I'm deserving because I'm deserving

Let me be totally fucking honest..

Not every day is great. So many days, I let one little thing knock the wind out of my sails and I get down and out. Depressed. Anxious. Fearing if I will make it. But today, I am so happy to choose to make it a great day. Whenever I struggle, I remind myself more and more it is gonna be okay. Even if the world still feels like it's on fire. Some days, yes and even today, I caught myself down about my growing middle section. I was reminded that I am beautiful by my husband. Then I remembered that I don't need to look good for others and that it is more important for me to feel good for ME. So today, excuse myself if you see my smiling, wearing earrings from my boutique (yes, I snagged a new one -- that never happens, after all I cannot keep every pair, I tell myself), and stepped out of the house to enjoy my night out. Because I'm deserving, because I am deserving. That settles my soul.

Hope this message feels like a way for you to escape self-criticism. I know it is hard. But you're doing a mighty damn fine job, babe. 😘


(Wearing 'Angel Wing Series: Protection')

xo, shannon

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