They call her a dreamer. They call her imperfectly human.

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I was meant to be an entrepreneur-- it was in my veins. No question, it was my life calling. I founded Lil' Miss Mason Jar in 2011 with a spark of creativity and was inspired to create my first handcrafted product, natural beard oil.

"I brought that same mantra into this sacred space so it would transcend past myself."

From there I realized that I really wanted to curate intentional products to enrich people's lives and even tempt people to slow down and enjoy the good in life. This is a practice that I've been personally working on for years. It was so important to me that I brought that same mantra into this sacred space here.

A Little Badass Fuel

In 2022, I rebranded and launched Set Her Soul on Fire Coaching, a place to mentor and cheer women on to take the risk and bet on themselves -- all in. This is just the beginning of my story but stick around and soak in highlighted stories along the way of other amazing women doing f*ckin' jaw-dropping things.
I promise you that it's the best Badass Fuel ever!

The evolution of my brand can be simplified down to one truth:

"I believe that there is immeasurable room for women to show up fiercely and unapologetically as their best selves."

Our Promise:
We will never send you spam. You can expect a mixture of product highlights and feel-good inspirational stories to light your soul on fire.