How does it work?

Love our products and think your friends will too? Throw a virtual party from the comfort of your home. Bring your favorite cocktail or mocktail and let me do all the work. You'll receive a unique invitation link to share with your co-workers, friends, family or any of your favorite people. Any sales generated from that link for that week will count towards your shopping credit towards shopping on Lil Miss Mason Jar. It's that simple. We can give you some fun, non-threatening, non-salesy scripting to invite others harmlessly. We also encourage our Hosts to never spam anyone. Nobody likes that. Just a shop small party with your closest people.

Talk to me about the Host Rewards!

Add 20 people to your virtual party and you will automatically get $5 in store credit. You will receive a minimum of 10% back from party sales. The more you sell the higher your shopping credit! Party orders over $500 will an extra 5% back. If you hit $1000, we will give you an extra 10% in product credit on top of the automatic 10%. That means that you could go on quite a bit of a shopping spree and get up to 20% back in store credit from party sales (excluding tax and shipping, of course)! ;)

Our system will track your sales for you from the links on your party posts and automatically give you 10% back. Once you hit $500 or $100, we will manually calculate the additional percentage for you!

What do my friends get?

They get a 5% discount for shopping with your link AND FREE shipping on orders $75+ along with the fun giveaways that I will do for you at no charge.

What is the minimum number of people I need for my party?

You must include at least 20 guests who said 'YES!' to your party. The more guests that you invite, the more fun will be had and the higher the opportunity you have to earn Host Rewards. The week before your party, we will email you some QR code print outs for free that you can easily print and hand out to your friends to join your party. People respond really good to tangible invitations! You will have some time before your party to invite so you can get the party planning going by inviting all your friends.

I'm ready to go. Let's do this. How do I schedule my party date?


Our Promise:
We will never send you spam. You can expect a mixture of product highlights and feel-good inspirational stories to light your soul on fire.