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Lil' Miss Mason Jar - Beginnings

"Lil' Miss Mason Jar!" my boyfriend blurted out at me. Instantly, I loved it! I smirked with great delight in his affectionate coined phrase to decribe me. Now, I am no Martha Stewart or Susie Homemaker but my aspirations for such are mighty high. So what did I do? I scoured an internet search in hopes that no one else had jumped on the social media wagon to snag the name. Nowadays, it seems everything is hashtagged and catchy.

So I'm not sure if the phrase was conceived from the absolute truth behind my ever growing mason jar collection or what. But in all honesty, Girl's Scout Honor, I have kind of replaced my drinking glasses with them because (let's face it) they're great for multi-purpose use. If I want to can something later on down the road, then boom, I have a jar! Not to mention, I just think they're absolutely clever.

Anyways, I am all about natural wellness for the body, spirit, soul and mind and instead of finding frustration with no outlet and bogging down my personal Facebook page with gobs of (what I think to be glorious) information on holistic health, I thought let's do it! Create a Twitter, create a blog, and just CREATE something. Start somewhere. Even if small. Be. And be intentional while 'being.'

My next blog will actually be more than an intro but this is an exploratory/discovery based outlet so if everything isn't as smooth as ghee (foodie pun), then sue me. ;)

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