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Sourdough, anyone?

Sourdough bread. Do I need to say more?? I am beyond stoked that today I just received in the mail a little package from a culture (yogurt starters, bread starters, water kefir grains, scobys) share in Kombucha Nation on Facebook. I love this group of over 24K members. As if the people in the group aren't fantastic enough, the group is worth joining just for the simple fact that if you're starting out with fermentations it can be very overwhelming. Their 'File' section ALONE is better than any fermentation book I have found for getting started on making your own yogurts, kombucha tea, sauerkraut, etc.

Yes, you read that correctly! This is sourdough dating back to the 1847 Oregon Trail! Want to put a tracer on this? It's a real thing! Check it out here. So my goal this week is to try this 5-minute sourdough recipe from Cultures for Health to start out my starter.

I imagine you're wondering how sourdough can be used. Here are more recipes to check into!

Carl's Friends Sourdough Starter Recipes

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