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Tri-Colored Coconut Curry Potato Soup

"Get in the kitchen, woman!" never sounded so delicious! Okay, so today's meal that I'm cooking up to share with you was completely experimental. I'm not afraid to try something from scratch and you shouldn't either. When making a dish from scratch, it may sound cavewoman-like, I rely so heavily on smell. Ask yourself these questions: Does it smell like it's missing something? Would something else pair well with it?

Today I'm attempting a Tri-Colored Coconut Curry Potato soup! I can't give you a recipe but I'd be glad to share with you how I built it so you can try to create your own masterpiece. First, I cubed 3 different types of potatoes -- mine were red, purple and white. I threw them into a larger open pan with some organic extra virgin olive oil (make sure you know your source, some EVOOs are highly processed or 'fakes'), added some coconut oil, ghee, and bacon fat (saved from previous meals and kept frozen; optional).

In a separate smaller pan I placed a small amount of coconut oil and raw coconut flakes to brown (for fresh coconut flakes you may not need the oil). It shouldn't take long to brown so keep a watchful eye. Once browned, removed from heat and set aside. As the potatoes began to fry a little on medium-high temp and some became soft, I added coconut water, pink himalyan sea salt, fresh-cracked black pepper and curry powder. After a 'sniff test,' I thought it'd be tasty to do a few solid shakes of Saigon cinnamon and added a small amount of organic molasses for another depth of flavor. I added a substantial amount more of coconut water to really get a good simmer going!

My potato mixture was simmering rather good by now. I then estimated 1/3 of the batch out and put it in my Vitamix to blend. Once liquified, it was added back to batch on the stove. Take 1/2 of the browned coconut, pour in the Vitamix and add coconut water, liquify. You will pour almost all of this into the batch on the stove. I left some aside for garnishing later, in case you want to be fancy!

To thicken the sauce, I added some ground flaxseed. Do not overdo it; start small and build into the batch if necessary. Mine wasn't necessary but I wanted to have extra Omega 3s and for overall digestive health.

When sauce was finished, I scooped a few ladles and garnished with toasty coconut flakes, a sliver of leftover purple potato (they're so pretty!) and drizzled the coconut puree for a dramatic culinary effect --- the OOOOOH and AHHHH factor.

Turned out delicious! :) Tell me if you tried it and how you liked your version!

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