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Refreshing Mint-Infused Ice

Spring is nearly here! You can hear the birds chirping and it's a nice reminder of more warmth to come. Indianapolis experienced a nice high of 64 degrees yesterday. It was lovely. I wanted a refreshing drink and I love mint so I muddled some in a mortar and pestle with some filtered water and poured the minty water into my drink with some of the specks of mint leaves. I had just ran out of ice so it was decided: Mint-Infused Ice!

Rinse mint leaves in a mixture of water, add a few drops of lemon essential oil, and white vinegar as a cleaner to rid of pesticides.

Are you ready for the How-To?

Add rinsed mint to mortar & pestle with some filtered water. Muddle the leaves to release the plant essence into the water. Pour mint concentrate into ice cube trays as normal and spread across tray about halfway. Gently pour filtered water to fill to the top. Freeze and voila!

Not only is it refreshing but it's not really "watering down" your drink, it's infusing it! Win-win!

For an refreshing spring drink with a kick, add the cubes to a cocktail of filtered water, lemon juice, triple sec, amaretto sour and delight your palate with a light, cool flavor! Blend it with the Mint-Infused Ice for an icy cocktail! The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!


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