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Lunch Leftovers

Had some fun with lunch today. Please tell me you've tried using a spiralizer before? These things are amazing!! I spiralize (is that a word?) several times a week-- anything from potatos or cucumbers or zucchinis. I believe in playing with your food!

These purple sweet potatoes for today's lunch were purchased at Saraga's International Market. They only cost $1.29/lb which makes it a wonderfully nutritious option for an alternate noodle solution. I spiralized using the Brieftons Spiralizer and put them in a baggie in the fridge for later use.

I took the potato "noodles" and pan seared them with pepitas (raw pumpkin seeds), a little bit of organic ghee and a small amount of filtered water. Isn't the color so beautiful!? Totally unedited. I promise!

Once the sweet potato noodles were softened, I scooped it in a bowl and added my Tri-Colored Coconut Curry Potato Soup atop. Simply garnished with coconut flakes and some warmed Seitan. I was just introduced to this meat alternative yesterday so don't feel bad if you've never heard of it. Seitan is a delicious vegan, meatless protein made with Vital Wheat Gluten (flour that has had the starch and bran removed) and includes lots of yummy spices like cumin, onion powder, etc and savory sesame oil. My new friend, Sylvia, introduced me to it yesterday at the Go Green event at the Indiana State Museum. We got the opportunity to volunteer at the Foods Not Bombs table. It was a wonderful to see so many children excited. I also found out that Food Not Bombs hosts a free meal for the community every Saturday at noon at the Central Library downtown. It's a great way to meet others and introduce your palate to new vegan & vegetarian dishes.

And now back to our scheduled broadcast... :)

Here's the creation I made today. Purple sweet potato noodles, roasted pepitas, Tri-Colored Coconut Curry Potato Soup with some Seitan and coconut flakes for ahhh factor. Yum! Enjoy. Don't forget to subscribe for my blog updates!

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