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Busy, busy bee!

It's been garden harvest season over here 24/7. Fresh, access to better-than-local garden. There is just something deeply rewarding about having your own garden. And I love knowing that there are absolutely, 100% no chemicals sprayed on my produce. I feel like a chef with my garden! The sustainable life is so rich. My goal is continually spread my wings in the homesteading arena. Okay, maybe my green thumb ultra-ego has stepped in for some Hulk-style inflation but if I'm totally honest, I'm sure you can be a brown or black thumb and still not mess up a Tower Garden.

My weekly task for my Tower includes checking that the pH level is between 5.5 - 6.5. My monthly task is refilling the water basin along with adding the vital nutrients to the water to replenish the sea minerals for the plant's "food." It's infallable for people like me who like to keep busy but not cut corners in quality.

This week I just wanted to share with you some recent pictures from my Tower Garden success in the past couple months since I've been MIA. Enjoy!

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