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Pink Melonade Sugar Cookies

Immaculate's Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix is already excellent but I found an exciting way to make it fun for kids who LOVE colors! It's so exciting when you find way to tweak box recipes. I snagged this find at Big Lots yesterday for a non-piggy-bank-breakin' $1! Talk about a steal. On a sidenote, check your local Big Lots. They often have a generous selection of natural and organic products for a fraction of regular grocer prices. If you play your cards right, you'll be able to stack up savings on a variety of healthy choices.

This box recipe is EASY and super family friendly. I made what I am calling 'Pink Melonade Cookies.' Juice from beets make these treats pink-colored but without artificial colors. So this means it's all natural and safe for your family. No food dyes with adverse reactions, toxins, or possible affects of ADHD for children. It adds a pink hue and the cookies still tasted great! (For a more intense, bright pink color, add the juice from beets only.)

Follow recipe on box; however, substitute amount of water in recipe (in this case, 1 Tablespoon) taken from the following blend:

  • Juice of 1/2 Melon of Your Choice (washed & organic, whenever possible)

  • Juice of 4 Regular-Sized Organic Beets (washed, peeled)

I store my leftover juice in the fridge in a mason jar for quick use in a recipe or for simply drinking on the go.

Tip for Beet Prep: I find that the way to get the best flavor out of your beets is to always peel the outside layer as you would a potato. This removes some of the earthiness of the root and when juiced or blended, it makes for a great coloring addition to any recipe that calls for water. And you're gonna wanna start coloring EVERYTHING. Why? Because the beet benefits are rocking my world and they will rock yours too!

Beets Contain:

WHERE TO BUY: I recommend checking out your local farmer's market, produce stands, or small business that uphold superior quality standards and support local farming. This is the best way to get the FRESHEST produce whenever possible. Buying local is crucial for optimal nutrient content. Keep in mind, whenever you buy storebought produce it may have been sitting on shelves for a couple weeks before it ever reaches your cart. The sooner you eat it after harvest, the more your body will thank you!

THE CHALLENGE!! So what beet-colored infusion are you going to try this week? If you have never bought a freakin' beet in your life, it's time! Try it out. You'd be surprised how you can introduce beautiful produce into your life in the smallest but most meaningful ways. The deeper meaning here is that REAL FOOD has a wonderful way of repaying us. To be our best selves we have to give our bodies the best. No more cutting corners. Your body is important; you are important! Gone are the days of self-neglect through poor nutritional choices. Even if it's one small change; the consistent benefits will ripple on throughout the rest of your life. I hope this week you'll make it your mission to find your local farmer's market and explore. Step out. Buy something different. Stock up your fridge with fuel. Empower yourself to be better to you. Afterall, you're beautiful and you deserve it! <3