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Water Your Body

So today I have been researching 🗻 water 🗻 filtration systems. There's so many out there on the market and I realize that not all can pump out the quality for a picky person like me. wink emoticon Thankfully I am also a part of a very health-conscious group on FB and one of the suggestions was Berkey. I had heard the name before, but honestly wasn't sure if it would be worth the price for the investment. Now I'm reconsidering. (For the record, I am not a paid sponsor for this company. I just am an average consumer like you who wants the best quality for the best deal!)

HERE'S THE REALITY: Water is life. Water is not optional, it's necessity. 💧

Plus, many municipal water is tainted with fluoride (a harmful neurotoxin, hazmat 4 out of 4 chemical). Even filtered water at the grocery stores don't necessarily filter out fluoridated water.

So here are some thingz that have me almost to the edge of buying:

- Their fluoride filter shows a mininum of 95% reduction

- Their Berkey Care Lifetime Warranty is FREE which covers you on the stainless steel canister, spigots, washers, and wing nuts

- Removes a minimum of 99.99% of viruses, chlorine, lead, benzene, etc ⚠🚱🚫😱💀 (see below)

- The cost per gallon of filtered water 1.6 cents per gallon

- Standard filter lasts 6,000 gallons (which for me would be SEVERAL years, unlike most filter systems which are replacements every 6 months)

- Total cost for 6,000 gallons on Pure = $1229; Brita = $1214; on Everpure = $904; on Culligan = $710; on Berkey = $258!!

Here's a picture of the Big Berkey ($258):

I am considering this one because it produces up to 3.5 gallons of purified drinking water per hour, holding 2.1 gallons of water.

Needless to say, this is an investment that's worth considering! What kind of water do you drink? 💧☔🌂

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