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To Grow or Not to Grow

The Diva's Day Out Fair today was a blast! I really enjoyed interacting with people who are wanting to get healthy, have an eagerness to know what's in their food or are trying to save money for their families. You get a badge of honor because I respect your Budget Hustle. I have crowned myself the title of Discount Diva so I know a good hustle when I see one and that's why I want you to hear me out.

Just a girl and her booth ;)

'Operation Deconstruction' but check out all this yummy produce!!

One thing I noticed with my conversations with people was the great blend of those who have been gardening for years along with those who claim they have a Black Thumb. I'm so excited for both ends of the spectrum and here's why: with the Tower Garden it's possible to achieve success and happiness regardless of your skill level. I sense some of you took a sigh of relief when I said that. It's okay. I understand. Let's face it, even for the annual gardener we're talking toil and weeding and extraction and pests and yada, yada, yada. For those who "can't grow," Tower Garden is down to a science. If you don't know how to measure then the Tower Garden isn't for you. The rest of the work; easy-peasy. Leave the watering to the system because this baby's practically maintenance-free and it does the work FOR you. The timer allows the watering to turn off and on for the correct amount of times without your oversight. This means this garden is giving you PERMISSION to go on vacation without worrying about the house-sitter forgetting to water those precious gardens you have tenderly cared after for weeks and weeks.

So here are some take aways for the benefits of the Tower Garden growing system I want to leave with you because you, my dear, have a beautiful decision to make! Tower Garden: To grow or not to grow, that is the question. Today was a little chilly but it won't be long before we well be able to take full advantage of Indiana's grow season and get the produce we all love -- tomatoes, basil, cukes, zucchini, etc!

So I have compiled a simplified list to help you decide. Are you ready to give up the weeding and start your own hassle-free garden? Okay, let's get to the good stuff:

The Science - 5 Research-Backed Benefits of Aeroponic Gardening

1. Tower Garden can increase yields by an average of 30%. (Source: University of Mississippi Study)

2. Plants grow up to 3x more quickly. (Source: NASA - Last I checked, they know their stuff)

3. Tower Garden uses as much as 98% less water. (Source: NASA)

4. A verticle design requires 90% less space.

5. Pollution and pests are less of a problem.

My 2 Cents

- Tower to Table - I can harvest my produce fresh and use it immediately, maintaining its wonderful, crisp flavor

- Know Your Farmer - You are the farmer! You know your produce hasn't been sprayed with pesticides and you don't have to worry about soil deficiencies or contaminations

- 365 Growing - The ability to grow indoors means that your harvest doesn't have to end when frost in Indiana begins. You can grow YEAR-ROUND; in the winter bring it indoors and add grow lights. You can put it in your dining room, living room, bedroom, or even garage. For those who want to bring it to their work, Tower Gardens can be seen lately in classrooms, organization buildings, food pantries, airports, restaurants, dentist and chiropractic offices. You name it!

- It Travels with You - If you do raised beds you have to worry about carrying loads of soil to fill and fertilize, replacing wood for the raised beds or paying the high cost to have quality cedar wood. If you're thinking about using cement blocks as your border, these have a strong possibility they are made with poisonous chemicals which will get into your plants. Also, any raised bed may last you a couple years but if you move they don't move with you. I'm sure the next homebuyer will be happy but then YOU have to start over. With the Tower Garden if you move apartments or homes it travels with you.

And this is the end credit to my 'To Grow or Not to Grow' presentation via blog. Thanks for "tuning in." I do hope this helps you decide what would be a good fit for your family. I have done a lot of research and this product is the best I've found so far to achieve quality and budget in a package deal.

One last thing to blow your minds before I zip my lips. This chart alone shows that Tower Gardens are for the Budget Hustlers. You know who you are! ;)

Shannon, Lil' Miss Mason Jar

317-597-5665 (LMMJ)

Ready to get growing?


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