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Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday! Thought I would reminisce with this pic!

Me growing indoors in the WINTER in friggin' Indiana! Fresh! Better than organic! Accessible! Salads and herbs for days! I was in green heaven. Every person has their "WHY" in why they don't want to invest in something. Investment = money! I get it!! I really do. But what if you do a perspective shift? Change gears with me. And before you eye roll and delete this... STOP (collaborate & listen). LOL

Here's the straight shooter's version... you're either:

1. paying for subpar produce now

2. spending oodles on organic and don't know the farmer

3. your fam's on a limited budget

4. you don't eat hardly any veggies

5. you think it's expensive to eat healthy.

Okay ALL realities! (Allow me to address those concerns; but first let me show this way neat gif of a Tower Garden of Cilantro. Sweet, right!?)

Okay... So here's why I took the leap and chose the investment:

1. I didn't wanna eat crap produce that's been sitting on the grocery shelves for 2 weeks. I wanted fresh as fresh could be. I'm a quality snob. I'm one of those beer budget gals with champagne taste. If I'm talking to you, you know who you are! #calledout

2. I was tired of spending so much money on store-bought greens alllll the time not even knowing if it was truly organic. Mega-companies mean possibility for compromise in quality control. So many outbreaks of listeria! Ewww. Call me leery but yeah... I need to know what I'm eating!

3. I, too, am wise with my money. So I did the calculations and research. $60/month for 12 interest-free payments seemed reasonable for the $100+ in produce a month yield return for a year supply. So that's why Tower Gardens don't cost a dime.

4. Convenience is king so I'm going to eat salads/veggies/etc if I have it available to me. This means healthy is my lifestyle not a fad. Availability and access are everything! Talk about a foodie fix for food deserts in your community. (Bunny trail, I digress.)

5. It's not expensive if you truly allow yourself to think differently. After the first year, it's only around $200/year to maintain your garden with the nutrients for it to thrive. For all you math fanatics (no judgment, that's me), that's less than $17/month! And for no weed and back-breaking tilling, I'm ready to sign on the dotted line.

So before you say 'when pigs fly!' I'm here to tell you, baby, this oinker has wings! Sorry, I couldn't resist. That that's why it's worth it to me. I bought the Tower Garden. I took a chance. I had amazing support. And now I sell them because I'm that passionate about local, better-than-organic produce! ♡ So now, let me support you in your growing journey. Take a leap and grow aeroponically with me today.

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