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A reminder for us all

Emotional health... so many things come before my mind when I think of that phrase. When I'm at my best emotionally, I have operated in intentionality. I am sleeping enough at night, I'm drinking enough water, I'm eating a full meal in the morning for breakfast and I'm honoring my body's hunger cues (both when hungry and full). Last night I went to bed early. It doesn't sound like a big deal but I woke up today feeling really good. Renewed. Refreshed. There's something about my emotions that felt different. Physiologically I felt complete. It set me up to enjoy my food today and fuel my body with good nutrition. I recognize that I'm guilty all too often of running my energy tank low. Sometimes we are forced to relax or slow down. Sleep had not been my priority. See I had gotten better about taking my awesome supplements but kept missing it in the other areas that were vitally important. Seems cliche to say go to bed before 10p and drink more water but it's true. Now, I'm not perfect and I'm learning everyday what it is to read my body and actually LISTEN. When I say I'm not perfect, I mean that I'm literally writing this at nearly 2am. But to be honest the revelation came and I love transparency in wellness. In order for one to start their journey, they have to own their steps. Even if some are missteps. I won't write much more because wouldn't that just be counter-productive?? 🤣 But there are so many golden nuggets in this revelation if we just simply get quiet and humble to evaluate where we really are.