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Backyard Bounty (recipes included)

I have the lovely privilege of nature's bounty in my backyard with a beautiful display of purple, white and yellow pokes of color in my grass. These wild flowers are to be celebrated! Especially since I can use them medicinally-- love that! These wild violets and dandelions are more than just a pretty thing to look at. My curiosity took over and I just had to dig around and research how these gorgeously stunning flowers could serve me beyond their visual appeal. What I found was exciting!! Their uses are plentiful.

Here are some more great ways to use wild violets thanks to : 

How to Make Sugared Violets from Reformation Acres

Wild Violet Vinegar Infusion from Grow a Good Life

Wild Violet Muffins with Wild Violet Sugar from Farm Fresh Feasts

Violet Leaf Soap Recipe from The Herbal Academy

Using Violets for Food and Medicine from Homespun Seasonal Living

You can even make a violet and honey cough syrup out of these flowers. My mind races with possibilities... Violet bitters for cocktails? Juiced for food dye? Cake or cupcake decorations? So on and so forth. Oh the fun to be had with a creative mind!

So I am currently drying these flowers out and when they are fully dried, I will fill them in a mason jar with the dandelion flowers and immerse them in my own special oil blend of grapeseed oil, avocado oil, and rice bran oil. Then I will let it infuse for approximately 4-6 weeks in a sun-filled window sill. After the infusion, taking a strainer to filter out the flower bits, I hope to have a lovely wildcrafted violet-dandelion oil to use in a healing lotion/balm to aid with skin irritation and rashes.

Here is also a neat idea list of 12 Things to Make with Dandelion Flower from The Nerdy Farm Wife. So the moral of the story is don't spray your (supposed) weeds, pick them and make them serve your health and wellness plan to your liking! 

Happy Spring!


Lil' Miss Mason Jar

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