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Growth Thoughts

I'm learning a lot in this season. So I'd love to share and feel free to share with me as to how God is growing you.

°Life has seasons. Some people are for your season. Some seasons are short. Some are long. But I'm learning to let people fill that void instead of worrying or becoming sad that the season will end. Sometimes it won't end. Maybe those of you who have had the privilege and beauty of lifelong friendships may not understand this but this is for those who feel lonely. My life has been a revolving door of friendships. I would sit and wonder when it would end which I think stressed the friendship to end prematurely. Insecurities have a funny way of manifesting into truths by our belief of the lies. °Quiet times do not have to be sad moments in life. (This one will make you swallow hard at that dose of reality.) Everything within me (enforced by society) tells me that quiet is missing out. Silence is laziness. Ya'll know what I'm talking about: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Also, a lie reinforced by those who want us slaves to this profit-bearing system. I'm finding that the quiet is a space where God can take residence. His voice, same in volume, but seemingly louder when we shut off influences (TV/MUSIC/CONVERSATIONS). Inner peace is not self-driven. It's God's gift to our souls. Soak it up.... take it in. It's precious and pertinent to our centering. °My mistakes don't define me. They will be used for His glory. Vulnerability and transparency is key to accountability and seeing with eyes of truth. I cannot expect change if I'm unwilling to see that I don't need to camp out in my disasters and throw a pity party. Those kinds of parties, the enemy has a 100% rate of showing up. °The internet and the media is not just half the story. The story is wilder and sicker than you could dream. But even though I'm learning that this darkness is great, I am stirred for even greater a hope. My expectation is growing with the knowledge I learn of the disease of the hearts of man: greed, self-promotion, violence, power. But there's no greater power than the resurrection power of Holy Spirit inside His church. Doom and gloom is tied to the inheritance of this earth's inhabitants but PRAISE GOD I am not of this earth. °The power of LOVE crushes ideologies and stereotypes. Word vomit doesn't win hearts. Compassion does... giving does.... sacrifice does. And that's what life is about. Anyways, much love on this Sunday. You're more precious than you know. Look in the mirror and see the beauty in your soul because God does and so do I!!! ♡ 


Lil' Miss Mason Jar