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Ps. I'm not perfect

I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. Sometimes I'm awkward in social settings. My humor can offend. I'm down to earth which means I don't change in different social circles. To some that makes me loveable. To others offensive. I've come out of some crazy life things. I'm strong and courageous. I'm bold but sometimes shy. I'm outspoken but loyal. And will fight for you in the battlefields of your life's seasons. I recognize I'm not for everyone and what I'm trying to say is I guess that's okay with me. I will manifest my dreams regardless but would love to invite you to be along for the ride. Sometimes it's bumpy. Sometimes I cry. But I know every trial partnered with God's faithfulness will produce a harvest in my life. I believe there are harvests for everyone's life. So don't give up. Don't stop short. Today is the day to start believing in yourself. And today is the day to remember that you are in control of your tribe. Protect it. Preserve it. And by-golly find the runners and the pushers. Those who will cast a vision for you when you're in the storm. Because at the end of the day, I'm worth it. And so are you!