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So I've been thinking

I'm sure you're trying to figure me out at this point. My brand. My personality. Who I am. Social media is something I'm still learning. Sometimes I just want to present myself to the world and not worry about the fine tuned details of perception or hash-tagging or marketing, like the grueling decision of when to spend money on a Facebook ad or not. The digital world is moving at paces that even society may have trouble catching onto. And I'll be honest, I have found myself in the past seeing successful bloggers and brand entrepreneurs use their persona to sell themselves. I mean just look at the Rachel Hollis, 'Girl Wash Your Face' phenomena, for example. Not knocking it. Just saying! It works. So in all of this the biggest way to mirror others' successes is to try techniques that others are using. Sometimes it's what I like to call the 'sling spaghetti to the wall and see if it sticks' attempt. Try this. Try that.

Lately, however, I have begun to think there's something else we small business owners are missing in all of that though. In this evaluation I find myself asking the inner question: Is that the most authentic and truest version of me? Listen, I understand that in this life it's hard enough trying to figure out who we are as a person: our identities, our quirks, our assets, our faults. Then you add a business which has a brand (the face of your biz) and whoa buddy, what a swirl of information out there. Why I am talking about this!? Because listen, I don't know if I'm going to be that famous blogger chic gone rogue about the fact that she loves having a business but doesn't always know what she's doing or not. What I do know is that if people love you, see your heart, your motives, your intentions... I have this fantastical belief that that can be enough to carry a brand. A wonderful word I happen to love: AUTHENTICITY. Not often a currency in this sector of industry, but I think I'm onto something and I think it literally has a place in this fast-paced world. A different way of loving people but also in a way that you can make money doing it without ignoring our inner intuition. This means it goes well beyond marketing books and social media Google searches. It means talking to the heart of your customers. Those who are in your circle. Because if you're reading this, guess what? You're in my bubble. :) It's a good thing. Don't be shy and say hi! Haha

So why jewelry in my shop? Uhh, because I love it. :) That's really all. The pieces I curate are pieces I would without question wear on the daily. I would totally be happy (maybe a little proud, even) to gift these to my bestie. Yes, you will see all kinds of different passions on my website or maybe even in my shop later. You have to remember that we are very multifaceted beings. So this website is an extension of ME. This means that because I love wellness you'll hear me talking about ways to promote healing your body in a natural way or maybe I'm sharing a recipe for you to try. This means that because I believe in natural living and resourcefulness I will be sharing truth to help you learn and see good things that are within your reach. That means that because I believe in God that you will see me talking about loving others. See, I believe He designed our hearts to be givers. I believe in building up people and communities by serving those in need.

Basically I said all of that to say hello. Because this space is an opportunity for us to know each other. And I do hope that if you like something I am selling, that you would take the time to share, love on me, or maybe shop local for yourself or a friend. I humbly thank you for following me on my business journey and encouraging me in my personal journey as well. And by the way, it's really great to have you here too! <3


Shannon xoxo

Scroll down to see some pretty things for sale. If it's not live on the shop, you can still buy through Instagram! As always, feel free to contact me if you would like to connect.