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To the Struggling Hearts

Yesterday closed out my fiscal year in sales and I am proud to say I had my personal best selling year with the company yet at $1.2M in sales. I worked hard! See I had made the Million Dollar Club in both 2015 & 2016 but last year fell short by $77k. If you know me, I can be kind of stubborn. Don't laugh. 😉 So this year I was super pressed to not miss my personal goal and look what hard work did!! I know that not all of this is me because it says we co-labor with Christ so I want to give a grateful shout out to my main squeeze, Jesus. He is the star here! I am just along for the ride of blessings He gives me. If you are financially struggling or have had rough patches, just know that my God is no respecter of persons. When I lived in Evansville before, many of you may not know but I hit a very low point. Call it pride or ignorance or youth; either way, hardly anyone knew I was struggling. After 6 months of not having a job and being ignorant about my ability to file for unemployment at the time, I burned through my savings and had to decide if the gas money it took to go to the temp job agency was worth it over the food in my belly. I can honestly and humbly tell you that I had gotten down to a can of beans in my apartment. Talk about a low point. But even then He provided. Gift cards would show up in cards occasionally that I had no idea who it was from. Someone bought me a grocery store gift card for food. A dear friend of mine surprised me with a mattress after sleeping on a deflating air mattress for months. Even in my low, His hand was there. Just remember your story is still being written and we serve a God who WANTS to bless us. This is just my story but I am no more special than you are.... ♡ Hope is a man and His name is Jesus.