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Traveling Alone

Travel is a privilege. One that I don't carry lightly. I understand not everyone can travel. While I enjoy it, I sometimes wonder why we don't all seek more adventure in our lives. Maybe it's going to a movie by yourself or going out to eat alone. So many times when I travel alone people meet me with an astonished expression and often I hear, "I could never do that." Ya know? I kinda get what they're feeling when they say that. See I used to be very shy at times growing up. I would fear saying anything because I didn't want to be perceived a certain way. I sometimes suffer from chronic overthinking. (Don't we all!?) But even I am learning how to stand up against those low frequency (fear) thoughts and when my thoughts sound like that of the neighborhood bully, it's time to step in. Sometimes you have to put on your cape and try new things. Despite what you think others will think. I am tired of being paralyzed by the concept of success. When I travel alone I am able to get time to really think about certain things I want to change. Now, granted a beach is an awesome place to brainstorm, but it can happen at your local coffee shop for that matter. Take time to get quiet ALONE. I promise if you fight through the loneliness, you will start to see some rays of sunshine poking through. And it will be so satisfying. So centering and elevating. So today I dare you to do something new alone. Just one thing.

[Pictured: My new favorite sandals from Athens were chillin out when I visited Harvest Caye, Belize.]