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Outside My Box

Europe was such a great experience for me. I’m just like the rest of you when I say that doing things outside of your comfort zone is not always fun. It’s crazy to me how your thought life projects so heavily on your physiological body if you allow it to have reign. This opportunity to travel Europe was WAY outside my box. And I really mean it! I truly had to book this trip and pretend I wasn’t going. Basically pull the trigger and not look back. In the months, weeks, and even days before this trip whenever people would ask me if I was excited, I would seriously tell them, “Nope.” I knew that not until my feet hit that European ground would I think, THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. While I realize that that was a coping mechanism for me to overcome fearful thinking, I actually think it worked! Now, I’d love to be able to not have to do that at all and actually get excited next time but I think sometimes you have to modify your behavior a little at a time. It’s not an overnight process. Now I am a little more likely to jump at the opportunity to travel internationally, whereas before I was very reserved. So as a possibly premature cheers to 2019 I say that I will welcome the hurdles along with the hoorays. Every fear conquered shows me the limitless possibilities that await for the undeterred spirit of the courageous.