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Dear Human, You're Doing a Good Job

Life should come with a manual. Wouldn't that be nice? When we encounter hardships, we could just open the index and look to see what chapter to go to in order to figure out if we should go left, go right or turn around.

Sometimes life is spinning in a circles and in my deepest, darkest moments when I feel out of control. I would pay loads of money if I could just push pause on the flood of emotions and get a grip. To give me enough time to sort out all the tumbling emotions so I can consciously decide, 'Does that one need to be in the recycle bin?' or 'Is this healthy thinking?' Shewww. Can't it be that easy? But I know it's not. Conscious little efforts. One day at a time. Step. By. Ever livin'. Step.

Sometimes I have to STOP. Stop chasing my tail for solutions to problems that are bigger than me. I have to just stop letting the pain take center stage and sabotaging what good life has for me. And I know there is plenty of good.

I cannot be the ONLY one.

But every once in awhile we have real friends who help cauterize the bleeding mess of our wounds. Sometimes when my heart is bleeding out from hurt and I reach out, I am so grateful to know there are people willing to take me to the ER and suture me with their words of encouragement, bringing me back to life. Thank God for these people. I promise they are heaven-sent.

Maybe you don't have that in your life.... a true rock-solid support system. But if we are honest, we sometimes forget that people love us even when they do. I don't mean forget-FORGET but you know what I mean when the sadness inside just ruins even the good that you have such ugly colored glasses on and sometimes you cannot see a life raft if it was bobbin' right in front of your drowning self.

I guess this post is just to tell you, I get it. Everything isn't aways going to be perfect. But pain is temporary and there are things we can do to be active participants in our healing in the meantime.

For me, that means instead of burying my feelings in my phone and not listening to my heart I stop and acknowledge the pain. I don't pitch a tent and camp out. (Well, I have... and I'll tell you it sucks royally.) But if I truly want this hurt to heal, I'll look at it dead in the eyes and give myself the humanity it deserves by acknowledging it. Sometimes for me that looks like quiet time. Lots and lots (and lots) of quiet time. If thoughts are stifling my quiet time, I will turn on frequency music. I cannot tell you why scientifically it works but who cares! It works. Go to Google, I'm sure there are studies to affirm it because we are all technically energy and vibrations so it makes sense in my hippie brain.

The other thing I need more of is visualization. Dreaming to life what I want my life to look like. Constructing my life by casting a vision. It's time for me to start painting myself successful. Put a little happy tree there, in the words of our good ole hippie pal Bob Ross. Sometimes in this sadness, maybe we just need to put a happy little tree. Something we can look forward to. Find joy in the little things. A grateful life is the life you want imagined.

So if your life isn't mirroring the life you want (and boy/girl, I feel that 100%), we have to be the biggest catalysts in our lives. I'm about to admit something kinda weird, but I sometimes turn on dance music at home and shimmy and shake. Is that enough of a visual for you? Haha But can you do anything but giggle or smile at how goofy you feel when you do? I have to hold back from laughing at myself. Sometimes we have to shake ourselves out of it. LITERALLY. Movement matters. Or maybe for you it's a walk in nature. I think nature has this amazing ability to ground our senses if allow it.

And lastly, if I am not giving up, neither are you! There is so much promise and hope out there and if we are not going to be the answer then who will be? Be the change. See the change and then be it. We are made for so much more. So again I will tell you,

Dear Human, you're doing a good job.

Much love always,