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A Loss Redeemed in Gratefulness

You can steal my encapsulated memories and thousands of pictures but you won't steal my spirit. I will fight tooth and nail and come out on top! Having something so personal taken from you is eye-opening, horrifying, invasive and can really have you question your faith in humanity. As some of you may know already, someone selfishly stole my phone on Wednesday. My photos were not backed up and I lost 2 vacations to Europe, a vacation to the Caribbean, New Orleans and the fun day-to-day pics in between. Anyone that knows me knows this loss is unfathomable. I love my picture taking! No feeling truly describes this loss. The grief is real. I was/am heartbroken.

When the dust of my human emotion settled a little, I could breathe and see that some good will come from this. Some of you all may have seen some of my breakdowns, my tears, etc. Some of you have sat with me while I just weep at the loss. Others have abducted me to cheer me up. Some just rubbed my arm in support. Listened. You are the difference makers. So I thank you that I am able to have friends who care deep enough that they love me through ugly moments and hard times.

In the meantime, I am very proud of what's coming for me. I have been granted a beautiful opportunity to partner with a friend whose talents are bountiful and terribly astonishing. Her creativity mixed with mine is the perfect expression of a friendship where 2 boss ladies just GET each other and chase after wild creativities in business. I feel excited for what's coming.

Isn't if funny how when someone takes from you and the enemy tries to redirect your joy to pain, you lie at the crossroads to decide how you will push through it? I'm not proud of all my moments of humanity through these times. I know that I'm more expressive than most people. I just don't believe in sugar-coating life's hard times even if we are taught to be a private person. For me there is something cathartic about releasing your feelings in the atmosphere even in a space like Facebook where people may not even care. Sometimes it is a decompression to the inner scream and turmoil underlying.

With all this being said, I would like to celebrate some beautiful moments happening in my life right now despite the pain.

Consider this my list of gratefulness: I have chickens which I have wanted for over 5 years. Something I talked about so much that I'm sure people even wondered if I was going to do it. Now, these sweet baby girls (Harriet Cluckman featured in the pic) are here and my chicken coop is under construction with the amazing help of a kindhearted and selfless friend. I've sprouted seeds in order to expand and grow a bigger garden this year. I'm participating in a business partnership with a dear friend at the Franklin Bazaar this spring and summer so you can find me there starting Saturday, May 25th from 9a-1pm. I am wrapping up a beautiful collab with amazingly talented people here locally.

So these are joys to cling to even if I still experience sprinkles of sad and cloudy days. If you're a part of this celebration, please celebrate with me. And thank you to everyone who has just been there when I needed it. It's always nice to know that community is still alive when you need it.

Much Love,


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