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Magnetizing Your Love Tribe

When people show up in your life and then continue to show up in your life, it really messes with the trauma subconscious and I kinda think that's wonderful in the hardest and best way. I couldn't imagine the circle I have today. Before I worked so hard to have the love I wanted. I pulled it from people who didn't want to give it to me. I viewed friendship and kindness from others as something I had to earn. Something I had to be deserving of. Unconditional love is a healing vibration I've rarely felt over the course of my life with many let-downs and disappointments. I don't sulk about what happened but I celebrate how far I've come and what that means for those who I allow in this sacred space of friendship. Building your own tribe from a place of ultimate freedom of debt consciousness it's so fulfilling and amazing. I cannot tell you how painful gifts were while I was in that mindset of lack, working to EARN love. It was sucking my soul dry of everything I was passionate about and magnetizing people who parasitically stole from my creative love and energy. I love how friendships can bring so many painful parts to light and then wash them clean with the balm of their genuine love for you. That's something.