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There's A Place For Us

Woman. What does it mean to be one?

I am swimming in these thoughts tonight. See I feel heard in the feminist movement in a way because heads have just started to turn to the plight of a woman. Looking at the movement itself on the other hand, I wouldn't say these women represent me much at all. I just feel like people are listening a little more as a whole and as a woman that feels good. To be heard for once. But isn't there a place for women like me who believe that every life is important and abortion is wrong and don't want to wear pussy hats and regurgitate Trump-hating mantra? A place for me to still be heard and for me to be allowed to make bold life maneuvers without a forethought of surprise from society. To show that women are go-getters, self-propelled and don't need rescuing. Okay, honestly, we are not there yet. YET.

We have to give the attention this deserves without buying into the propaganda bullshit that erodes the stunning femininity that actually leans into the strength of our society's men. We need them too! 

There is problem though. I do believe that our society has made women one dimensional. We are either sexualized, made to be a means to a man's desire, a product for currency or we are dumbed down and not taught things men are taught. Our voices have been stifled by men who project their voices over ours. We are minimalized for the pain we go through every month with our periods and we give birth to children with barely an ode of respect to our might and muster. That's powerful strength inside of a woman.

Currently, work break rooms are stuck on sports because you are simply too afraid to turn the channel to something too girly. You hide the fact that you have a period because you don't want to be viewed as gross, etc. You pay a lot closer to your surroundings because you are targeted more since your physical strength is not that of a man's. You don't take walks as late as men.

You are always on guard.

You are exhausted.

You want change. You want to add your part to the voice of being a woman.

And if you start to show up as your beautiful woman self, I believe there will be a shift. We will show them how to look inside ourselves to solve the trauma chaos with real emotions. They will cry real tears of pain. They will release pain that are stored literally in the fiber of their muscles. Muscle memory of hurts. They will change their DNA structure and stop trauma in its tracks. 

As a woman operating in her highest form of self, flowing freely in kindness and brightests of love....

You are a woman who excudes grace in lieu of mistakes

You are gentle and offer peace in conflict.

You are fierce. A bad ass lover and protector.

You are a source of home to those you envelope. 

When people look in your eyes, they see hope.

And yes, you are emotional. Let's get this straight.... Yes, it's OK if you are a very emotion-based woman. See, I am too. Does that mean I'll fly off the handles without provocation? No. It means I lean into my intuitions and trust the guidances from God to let me display womanly feelings in life. But there is a place for our feminine power and strength here in this suspension of space and time too.

So I'm going to blow your mind with this: stop looking for the stigma to go away and let's remove that stigma by showing up in our best womanly selves. Because babe, your light and emotional energy is actually fucking beautiful.

We have the capacity to release those with our womanhood. Society doesn't foster this now but we can shift our vibrational energy.

I believe that all generations are given trail-blazers.

Sometimes you ARE the trail-blazer.

Stop looking for her. She is you.

You are the torches and swords.

Cutting away at the lies that your emotions are bad. That your emotions are infantile when they're the healing balm that this nation is crying out for this whole time.