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Badass Manifester

Listen, believing in yourself is honestly one of the most difficult mental hurdles we entrepreneurs have.... in my case, add to that you're a woman launching a men's grooming product line and it can feel like you're a magnet to skeptics. But the more energy I load into my dreams, the more I realize that those who do not invest good energy into my business are not deserving of my time thinking about if I'm worthy or good enough. If you are looking for validation to do that thing that is buried deep inside that you just KNOW you need to do.... STOP. I could motivational speech your ass til I'm blue in the face but sometimes aligning yourself, looking yourself in the mirror is the best way to remind your insecurities that YOU are the best person to do the ideas in your heart. So quit doubting because that will never help and just try. The little girl inside you deserves to know you tried. And if you do try and you fail, try again. Do whatever it takes to make that child inside of you proud of the woman you are: a determined, strong, never-quit kind of woman. ;)