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Businesses Supporting Businesses

This is a woman who is beaming at the center of her purpose. I'm so overjoyed to start tasting success. The fruit of my hardwork is manifesting at such an unstoppable motion

If I told you that this road has been easy, that would be a foolish fabrication painted in Instagram/Facebook fakery. It hasn't.

It's been gritty, frustrating, tear-inducing and quite frankly the amount of times I have put my dreams on a shelf sometimes exceeded my attempts to want to try. I made a decision a few months ago to refuse to stop at 80% completion like times past. I sat down and spent countless hours making a label for my products with no design skills in my resume. I told myself that if I was going to realllllly do it, it had to be right. It had to look like a label you would not just see on a shelf and take seriously but also one that would make me proud. I'm a perfectionist so that's a whole 'nother layer! So I spent hours in my cave (my office) tweaking placement, selecting images that would represent each scent, and filtering every little minute detail through my fine tooth comb approval.

The hustle for an entrepreneur is more than just taking. It's giving.

It's leaning into your success while you help others succeed. It's sharing other businesses posts and liking their content. Because a true entrepreneur knows that the self-motivators and self-starters NEED atta boys and atta girls. See when I think of being an entrepreneur, I see me in you. And I know this shit ain't easy. But supporting other people is literally what separates those who hold onto the good for themselves and sit on it and those who give freely understanding that there is plenty of money to go around for all of us to win. (And all the more so too!)

Part of that for me is partnering with businesses that hold my heart in their hand and vice versa.

My wholesale opportunities are an opportunity to say let's propel each other to win. So excuse me if you see the sparkle in my eyes these days, because having these wholesale displays made and getting to stain them myself means so much more than you know! 🥰

Life is an adventure and so far, I'm loving the ride! Thanks for following along and supporting me along the way.

If you know of anyone interested to my wholesale program please give them my Contact Form or call/text me at 812.204.0229.