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Confession Time

Can I be brutally honest? I've not been doing well honoring my body with rest and support. My diet has taken a nosedive and last night I hit a wall. It's not that I forgot to stop and smell the roses. It's not even because I don't know how important it is to slow down. I've talked about it before. I've slowed down before... but this time everything came to a head and it was as if I hit a brick wall. The stress has been wearing in my face, my midsection has taken on a little extra fluff and quite frankly my energy levels have been garbage. I sleep and yet I'm dreaming endlessly detailed dreams. Some good. Mostly bad. So many people can tell you to slow down. They will try to send you signs before you reach this place. And I can honestly say that I slipped in taking my own advice. I burned the wick at both ends. Among launching a business and putting enormous pressure upon myself for this amazing Launch Party on Thursday I'm hosting, I can honestly say I've been better. Thankfully, I dropped my work hours down to 32 hours per week at my main job. This will help me hustle harder on this business and rest more. It'll also allow me more opportunities to meet with others in the community to start putting together various impact events that I look forward to being a key component to in the future. With all this being said, please don't burn yourself out. Yes, your new business is worth intense energy and passion but you are worth it too. Take it from me who is learning from a mistake I made. You are the key to your business. Feed your soul more because not only will it inspire you but it will give you the fuel you need to keep going when discouragement sets in. (Because in business, that's normal.) But burnout doesn't have to happen on top of it.

<3 -Shannon