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So I sought to find a way that I could grow my own fresh, TRULY organic vegetables and greens on a regular basis with little effort. I stumbled upon a YouTube video tutorial featuring the Tower Garden. I took the plunge, made the investment, and haven't looked back. I paid for my vertical system with bountiful nutrient-rich produce in a short amount of time. There really is no better feeling that knowing you can go harvest some delicious, pesticide-free leafy greens, tomatoes, herbs, etc. and eat it in just a moment's time. Quality is important to me. The chemicals in pesticides are known to cause cancer. With plants receiving all the nutrients they need, this means stronger plants less likely to be attacked by bugs. This system uses food-grade PVC so it doesn't leech chemicals in your food and allows you to grow more than 150 different plants, using 90% less water and 90% less space. Oh, and the best part is that in the winter I bring by system indoors and harvest all season long amazing fresh greens making super delish salads and herbs. Such a great feeling!


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How does it work?

The Tower Garden Difference

Organic store-bought celery is no match to Tower Garden grown celery!

Tower Garden has a zero-interest 12-month payment plan. This means it's not just affordable, it's a no-brainer! One system pays for itself in 6 short months and continues to yield $100+ worth of produce per month-- enough for a salad a day for a family of 4.  I truly believe that EVERY home needs this! Tower to Table is the heart of this movement. Harvest, eat! If you're a small business restauranteer or community organization, this is for you too!


Let me share with you below my success! This is my second year with the Tower Garden. I am by no means a gardening pro but have had nothing but amazing harvests! See more pics on my Instagram (@lilmissmasonjar). 


If you're interested in getting a Tower Garden of your own, please let me know how I can help you! If you're an Evansville, IN local, I offer free in-person appointments  or virtual consultations to talk and match the best system for your needs. 

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